Nikki on BGC 6 Reunion

Backstage before the reunion started was like any other morning in my life, quiet, easy going, and ready to take the day on with a smile. Just like in the house, I maintained a calm, cool, and collected composure and I was going to do the same at the reunion.

When I said that the BGC was a game, no one really understood what I meant. I meant it as being a time away from my “real life.” In simpler terms, a time for non-stop partying, messing with other girls, and living my life like a full-time vacation. Some girls went in to better themselves (or so they think) and some went in to have a blast. Clearly I chose the latter.

I knew the reunion was going to be a shock to the other girls. They all hated me for calling them followers however, I knew once they saw the episodes they would undoubtedly agree with me. I’d hate to look like a fool on national television, so of course there was going to be tension between the minions and Char. In regards to myself, I apologized to who I needed to apologize to for personal reasons. I didn’t need to leave the house feeling resentment because I have better things to do with my time in “real life.” The Bad Girls Club is one of the many awesome things I did in my life. Resentment is like sh*tting your pants; no one feels it but yourself and I sure as hell wasn’t going to walk away from this experience regretting anything or feeling remorseful. I had a blast the ENTIRE time I was there.

Jen left pretty abruptly. There was no conversation, no anything. Being that she is technically my neighbor (GO JERSEY) and I knew things were pretty heated when she left, I figured I would have reached out to her (for my own personal reasons, not hers). In regards to my personal actions, I do nothing for other people. Just like Char apologized to Lauren on the last day, I apologized to Jen for how things went down. Char wasn’t apologizing to Lauren because she genuinely felt bad, but rather because she knew it was the right thing to do in order to grow as a person and that is the route I was taking.

Was I taking the actions back for what happened with Jen? Absolutely not. It was a pretty hilarious day however, I’m not one to bully or make someone feel less-than for just any reason. My message to Jen on Facebook was plain and simple: I was sorry for how things went down in the house and maybe one day we’ll be able to laugh about it over lunch. Again, it’s the Bad Girls Club not the Peace Corps. I wasn’t going to leave the BGC regretting not doing something that I knew was the right thing to do in my heart.

I think Kori and Jessica were the only two girls that had any reason to be mad at Char. Everyone else is a waste of space and argument. At one point Char and I were mad at each other, but after multiple fights, arguments and screaming matches we were able to civilly talk about what happened between us. As per the last episode, Char and I were the only two girls in the house to do our own thing at any point in time. No other girl had direct issues with Char. They were either upset because they found themselves following her or were mad because other girls were following her. To this day I’m not really sure why Lauren and Sydney hate Char so much and are wicked obsessed with her every move. Kori and Jessica had valid reasons for being angry at Char, as they “thought” that they were genuine friends. Friends don’t talk about each other and when you claim to be someone’s best friend, you shouldn’t be doing things like that or calling them puppies. Could it have been cleared up? Sure. But, when you need an audience to try to put someone on the spot about how you’re genuinely feeling, it’s fake. Apologize on the side. Apologize in person. That is genuine. Even if no apology went down, at least you can talk about it. If you want friendships to go outside of the BGC, you need not put a front on when cameras are around. That’s the epitome of fake. I didn’t need to pull Jen aside to tell her how I felt at the reunion. I did it in December—two weeks after we left filming because I genuinely meant it. Char didn’t need to apologize at the reunion to Jessica and Kori when Jessica lives three minutes from Char and Kori is a phone call away.

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