Nikki on Episode 1: It's Hotter In Hollywood

Clearly you’re lame and don’t deserve my attention, anyway.

If I had met Jade while she was sober, I think things would have been different between us. Definitely. Jade and I were both pretty intoxicated, and being that we were in a new environment, new living situation, meeting all new girls, there were just a lot of emotions going on. If Jade was sober, I don’t think she would have been that outwardly rude, as she seems like a sweet girl. But, at the time in which we met, we both had our own agendas and unfortunately, they didn’t sync up, therefore leading to a confrontation, which I welcomed with open arms.

Living in the Bad Girls Club is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and if someone doesn’t want to be there, they should go home. There are thousands of other girls dying to be in her spot, and that was the point I was trying to drive home. Actions speak louder than words, and when you’re in the Bad Girls Club, you need to be a strong, independent woman, regardless of who doesn’t like you. The BGC is a vodka martini straight up with a twist, not a kid’s meal with a side of weak sauce.

No one knows what to expect when moving into the Bad Girls House. However, I did know I was going to be one of, if not THE alpha-female throughout my time in LA. Every Bad Girl who is last to move in the house is always the most threatening. And, as you saw, I was the last one to move in. Coincidence? I think not. In the beginning, I didn’t look at the BGC house as a who-runs-who situation, but no one knew what to expect. It’s only a matter of time when my dominant personality and overall threat will make the girls react to my physical and mental strength. Either way, as a situation evolves, so does my need to interject my opinion. As all my bros say, “it’s time to nut up, or shut up.”

I see myself bonding with Jessica the most. Although Kori and I had an immediate strong connection, I like Jessica because she is as loud as I am. When Lauren and Jessica went at it, I was smiling from ear to ear because I have a feeling her toughness is going to go far in the house. The toughest girls to watch out far are hands down Jessica and I. We don’t take sh*t from anyone, and it’s obvious.

I think Jade is going to be the one to bring the most drama. If you walk into a house acting like you own the place without getting to meet the other girls, you’re in for a rude awakening. Jade is also the one to cry first, which is also pretty funny to me. Aside from talking to Jessica, I really didn’t get a chance to talk to the other girls. But if you’re that boring to the point where you can’t even make a legitimate first impression, clearly you’re lame and don’t deserve my attention, anyway.
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