Nikki on Episode 10: Wilma Goes Bamm Bamm

You'll look like that imbecile that was just slapped on national television.No offense BGC, but this is not a show for athletes or athletic competitions. I chose to be on a team with Lauren because she’s my buddy, why would I not be on a team with her now? I could care less if a sixth grade dodge ball incident made her weary of flying balls, but I just wanted to have a good time. Though it would have been nice to win, having a third person who clearly doesn’t work out on your team makes it a bit more difficult to defeat anyone. In all honesty, I was just happy to be out doing something active, as that seemed like a far-fetched idea for most of the lazy, unathletic girls in the house.

Guido Quests, or GQ’s as I like to call them were a part of my regular routine when I went out in LA. Lauren and I constantly went out, and it was inevitable that I was looking for hot Guidos to smoosh. For some reason, I guess Wilma didn’t get the memo that Lauren and I would continue to do our own thing, so naturally she was offended by our ability to have fun, meet guys, and just chill. My goal was to always get numbers, because it sucked coming back to a house full of vaginas. I wanted/needed testosterone to survive in the BGC.

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Wilma didn’t understand that I had been living in the house since DAY ONE, whereas she had been here for 72 hours. Lauren and I would go out every night, so dancing didn’t phase us that much. We had been dancing for months, and now it was just kind of old, just like her. If Wilma was such a bad b*tch, why did she need me to get up and hold her hand on the dance floor? Hell, I lived in the house where no one spoke to me for six days, how can she not live in a house for three days and need someone to accompany her wherever she goes. She was mad that I didn’t want to do what she did, but she clearly didn’t understand that I do what I want when I want, which is why I’m the baddest in the house, and which is even more of a reason why she was so intimidated my by lackadaisical attitude when it came to a person like her. It’s a dance floor…get up and dance. Why do you need my approval?

When I was messing with Jessica in the limo, no one was saying anything. Char had a smile on her face, Jessica was laughing, Kori and Lauren were engaged in conversation. Where did Wilmarie fit in the equation? OH RIGHT, she didn’t. As I stated, Jessica and I were originals, and had a lot more depth to our friendship that Wilmarie knew about. When Wilmarie butted in, it wasn’t her place and she would be made aware of that sooner than not. Honestly being called a replacement isn’t that big of a deal, but being a REPLACMENT’S REPLACMENT is even more hysterical. You weren’t even worthy of being chosen for the first round, but rather the second or third. Every replacement tried proving themselves to either myself or Char, and because no one was paying attention to Wilmarie, she had to prove herself to everyone. High five, because she’s actually one of the only ones who did.

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As with all the new girls, it was a moral imperative that I mess with them. After Wilmarie’s crying session in the taxi, I knew she was weak. That marked the turning point of when I would go in for the kill. Little things like removing her bed frame, or eating her turkey breast would agitate her, but it wouldn’t be worthy of talking about. Over time, however, I knew that these little things would add up and she would retaliate, thus aiding in my plan to get rid of her next.


Gino the Guido was adorable…AND from New Jersey. What a better match than two amazingly good-looking people fist pumping the night away in Hollywood? There really were no bad parts about the date. He looked fresh, had a great choice in food, and really held up a great conversation. It was nice to reminisce about similarities in our home state, and actually get to know someone. I never have a bad time with a true gent, and it was apparent with Gino. Fortunately the date went so well that I was able to get to know him better at a club later that night. A lot of you ask if he could be a possible future boo…but, only time will tell!


Wilmarie’s japper jaws were bound to be slapped shut. I chose to slap her (not once, but twice), because it’s more insulting than an actual punch. It pretty much means you’re scum and if you dare retaliate after, kudos to you. It’s almost mandatory that you do retaliate or else you’ll look like that imbecile that was just slapped on national television. Aside from the fact that I was blackout drunk, I vaguely remember what set me off initially…seeing the commercials refreshed my memory entirely. Wilmarie was frustrated that no one had defeated me or got me to go home yet, which is why she thought she had a chance. I mean come on, she had nothing to lose being the replacement’s replacement. Words are just words, and if I were to get hurt about someone calling me a dude in a dress, then I have another thing coming. That was the only thing that set Wilmarie off, so I had to relish in it. Finding loopholes in her plan to be top dog was the only way I was going to get her to leave or frustrated enough to hit me. I like fights, so this was nothing to me. I refuse to lose, and expect to win, and that was the strategy I was holding up. As always, it worked! =)

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