Nikki on Episode 11: Don't Hate La Playa

The thing about Lauren is that she is very quick to jump ship without hearing or seeing all of the evidence. I, who am very observant, wasn’t too shocked at this. The main reason Lauren had to run to the other minions in Mexico was because I had befriended her enemy, Char. Char and I hadn’t really had a problem with one another since the pool incident, and it was very apparent that Lauren and her beef were separate from Char’s and mine. In Mexico, when Char and I had a legitimate conversation, I could tell that Lauren was jealous and thought that I was going to betray her. But, if she had known the type of person I had been to her the entire time in the house (i.e. a good one), she should have known in her gut that I wouldn’t talk trash about her or turn on her. Looking back on the episode now, I cannot reiterate that enough. She should have known better. When I said she was my friend, I meant it. Just because I am friends with whoever I wanted to be friends with didn’t take away from the wonderful time I had in the house with her. It was childish to see how quick she was to turn to the other weak ones because she couldn’t stand alone on her two feet. Once again, Kori showed her nonexistent place in the house when she was there to pick up the pieces to our fallout in Mexico.

To be honest, I wish Lauren and I could have enjoyed Mexico a lot more. Don’t get me wrong, we hung out as always, but it was very hurtful to see that she was turning to Kori. She is a two-faced b*tch who talked negatively about Lauren every chance she could, as opposed to coming and talking to me directly. I thought Lauren and I had that open communication, but maybe it was the alcohol altering her actions. Either way, we both had our fair share of laughs and fun in Mexico. I am glad I got to do my own thing, hang out with Lauren, and make peace with the girls I needed to make peace with. The thing about Lauren is that she is very quick to give someone that chance and from an outsider’s perspective, I knew the type of person Kori was. Aside from being selfish, Kori was jealous of the fact that Lauren and I could go the entire time in the house without an argument, have fun on a regular basis, and treat each other as equals…something Char did not do to her minions.

For me, Mexico was the final stretch. I genuinely had no problems with any of the originals, including Lauren. Yeah we fought, but when you spend seven consecutive weeks with the same person breathing, eating, living and sleeping you’re bound to have an argument. Sure, the alcohol made the situation more severe than it was, but I knew that that wouldn’t be the end of Lauren and me. At this point, the original five and I all had a bond together. We all successfully made it through the Bad Girls Club from the beginning until damn near the end. This was something to be proud of and to be friends about. The petty stuff, the he-said she-said bullsh*it, and irrelevant conversation was extra and I wasn’t going to let it ruin my trip or the chance to be friends with these girls forever. I was trying to look outside the box and most importantly make peace with myself, which in turn would end with good vibes and four different friendships. I could hopefully take these friendships outside the house.

Talking to Char in Mexico was awesome. As far as fighting goes, we fought the hardest, but were able to do so without physical violence. This says a lot. Char and I didn’t always see eye-to-eye. It obviously meant we were the strongest, most hotheaded, and the two with the strongest opinions. Whether these opinions synced up, there was one thing everyone could agree on. We both did our own thing 24/7 and didn’t need someone to dictate our every move. Yes we both said and did a lot of horrible things to each other, but right here in the moment it was time to put the past behind us. Being a Bad Girl doesn’t mean holding a grudge over something so great as being in the BGC. Like my dad always said, “Resentment is like sh*tting your pants. No one feels it but you.” So, why would I want to be uncomfortable during the rest of my stay in the BGC? I didn’t. That is why I was the bigger person and initiated conversation with Char. It was needed on both of our ends and I’m glad it was done, regardless of the other minions in the house.

Mexico wasn’t a time for babysitting. I didn’t need to dig, ask, and beg for someone to talk to me. Whether Lauren was around or not, my ego is too big for that. If she wanted to have a conversation with me like a big girl, she could have. I knew Lauren’s opinion of me was going to be altered for several reasons. One, she had been drinking. Two, she had been associating herself with boring Kori and lastly, we needed a mini break from each other. I wasn’t going to waste my paradise mending a friendship that I already knew was going to be back to normal once we got back to LA.

As a replacement, you have to earn your respect. When we found out that we were going to Mexico I quietly packed my things, engaged in a bunch of laughter with the other girls, and kept moving along. The originals were not going to pick sides with the replacement’s replacement, so I had nothing to worry about. Was she honestly going to throw the first punch? Absolutely not! Were any of the other roommates going to defend her? Wrong again because they weren’t. Was I the dominant force in the house and dictated who stayed and who went? Ding, ding, ding! So, as you can see, the fight between Wilma and I when we returned from Mexico was all her built up anger because I was just chillin and having a great time. She couldn’t bear to see that no one was on her side. Once again, it took me to slap her on two different occasions before she would start her ghetto hair pulling and so-called “fighting.”

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