Nikki on Episode 12: Army of One

To be honest, at first I was mad that Lauren and I weren’t speaking, but it kind of turned into a non-issue towards the end. If Lauren was going to spend so much time talking to Kori (who really had no say in any matter in the house considering she was one of the biggest minions), she wasn’t worth my time. It was the end, and as Lauren said, I had crossed everyone in the house, which further reiterated that I needed no one to survive in the BGC. I walked in as an Army of One, and was most likely going to leave the same way. Making lifelong friends in the BGC was not likely, so any and all friends I made leaving the house would be an added bonus. Friendships to me are how you interact with one another outside of this experience, not just the bonds you had while living in the house. Take Char for example. Her and I hardly spoke in the house, however, because of the level of respect we had for each other, I knew that we would grow to become friends. Why? Because we bonded more than on a superficial level. We bonded on a level that took time and energy, in which an actual relationship developed.


My dad is my best friend, and most importantly, my sounding board. Though he is my dad, he is the first one to call me on my sh*t and tell me if I am acting out of line. I had been done dealing with the drama since week three; all the girls in the house were weak to me and were always dwelling on petty, little things. That is why I looked at this experience in a more lighthearted way. Everything was funny to me. Char crying over a sandwich, Kori constantly claiming she has money when she doesn’t, replacements trying to justify their existence in the house…PURE EFFING COMEDY. I never had enough of living in the house; I just wish I had lived with a bunch of girls who wanted to have fun. As you can tell, I had my own fun, 24/7 regardless of an audience or a pity party following me.

I’m sorry, but I am the founder, co-founder, and captain of Team Awesome. Lauren was lucky enough to have me draft her for my team. I think towards the end of the experience, the head games, lack of sanity, outside influences, and loss of control got to Lauren. Lauren and I literally ate, slept, gossiped, did our hair, you name it together and it was bound to happen. Am I sad it did? Absolutely. Do I think we’ll be friends in the future? I sure hope so. But again, the experience in and of itself is majorly exhausting both mentally and physically. At this point, one of us had to break and it wasn’t going to be me.

Char and I hanging out was refreshingly awesome. I knew we had a lot in common, and I knew it was because of outside forces that kept us away from building a bond/friendship. When one girl was mad at me, they all were. When Char and I were talking, they all wanted to talk. It was nauseating. Quite honestly, I wasn’t focusing on whether or not the girls were my friends, I was trying to get laid. Char and I had a blast when we went out, and it was then I knew that she wasn’t as evil as I thought she was, and I’m sure she didn’t find me as annoying as I came off to be in the house. That was just part of the nikkiNation Domination ploy.

I was the first one to give Wilmarie kudos -- she was the ONLY, and I repeat ONLY girl to step up to me in the house. As much as the girls thought I was big, bad, and scary, they all knew that I was a sweetheart deep down inside. Every single one of the girls was all bark and no bite, and the fact that Wilmarie and I had it out was awesome. Some will argue she won, and some will argue I won, but at the end of the day, who got sent home? It’s called playing the game, and I most definitely succeeded. Don’t you guys see a trending pattern? I DON’T LOSE.


Wilmarie was constantly trying to prove herself in the house. It took a pathetic b*tch slap for her to hit back, and to me that was even more hilarious ESPECIALLY because little Miss Nikki had never fought in her life before. Yeah, you can bite (gross), hair pull, and hit the top of my head, but at the end of the day, my pretty little face was left untouched, and she was removed from the house for fighting. Just like Jade and Jen, Wilmarie was next on my list, and what I say goes. I knew Wilmarie wouldn’t last in the house, and it took me to exile her. If I didn’t run the house, why did she feel so threatened by me? Hmmm… Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” and this is a prime example of how Wilmarie was inferior to me. She was constantly justifying her existence in the house and needed girls to rally with her to go against me. Clearly it didn’t work. Ta ta for now, Wilmarie; I’ll see you in Jersey. Remember, Jersey girls aren’t trash; trash gets picked up. BAHAHAHAAA!
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