Nikki on Episode 13: Only The Bad Remain

The BGC was a beyond crazy experience. When you’re constantly wrapped up in the drama, lies, and deceit, you tend to stray away from what you normally stand for in your normal, every day life. Though there were a ton of ups and downs with each and every girl, I grew to like each one for a different reason (both good and bad). I wasn’t apologizing to the girls for being a b*tch, but rather for the experience as a whole. I wish that I could have gone out with Kori and gotten our nails done, or hit up some Italian restaurants with Jessica, but that’s the nature of the game. When you live with a total of nine other girls (in very close quarters I might add), you get to see everything, whether you want to or not. Just because we lived together doesn’t mean we became actual friends. Sometimes the growing happens outside the house, and that is what I was looking forward to most.

Starting off on a clean slate with the girls before we left the Bad Girls Club was a moral imperative. Personally, I was not going to leave without having built a bond with each and every girl. Believe it or not, these girls were like sisters to me, and they will forever hold a spot in my heart. They are amazing in each one of their own ways. There were things I went through in this house that some of my closest friends back home didn’t know about me, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be part of the ORIGINAL Bad Girls Club season 6 cast. Regardless of who ran it or not, this was the craziest three months I have ever had to date and probably will have for the rest of my life. Back to reality, eh?


I will definitely be friends with Char after this experience. Believe it or not, she will probably be the one I speak to most, considering we kept it the realest. We may not see eye to eye on every issue, but isn’t that what friends are for? To be a sounding board when you need advice? To guide you in directions you wouldn’t normally go in? To be there through the ups and the downs? That is the true definition of a friend, in or out of the Bad Girls Club. I thank this experience for bringing us together.

If I had the option of doing this experience again, you’re damn right I would. Come on now! nikkiNation is always up for a challenge. I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience (except more fun, of course), and even though I can’t stand half of the girls that I lived with, I am proud to have most of them in my cast. I learned that I will not live with six other roommates, but I could if I needed to, if my life depended on it. I learned that patience is a virtue. I learned to always be yourself, regardless of who is judging you, because their opinion of you doesn’t matter anyway!

Jade and I were cool at the photo shoot despite what most think. We talked things out, and I am proud to say that she and I are friends. Though we might have left on a bad note…hahaha, the truth of the matter is: Jade didn’t want to be in the BGC. Some girls were born for the challenge, and most were not. Unfortunately Jade fell into the latter category. She’s a bright girl and will go far in life, just not in the Bad Girls Club. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her because we will soon be neighbors! Helloooooo LA!


I always love a play date in the studio getting glammed up, more beautiful, and most importantly, free designer dresses to wear. Whether the girls and I were friends, I think it was apparent by now that I would have a great time doing whatever, whenever. Seeing the girls that were too weak to last in the house was just a confirmation that living in the BGC is a difficult thing and that the original five should be proud of what they accomplished. I was not only proud to be the baddest b*tch on season 6, but I was proud to be the last one to move in, and the last one to move out. You already know, this season wouldn’t be sh*t without my drama, antics, weird comments, and 24/7 laughter. Oh, you can’t forget the memorable quotes I had, too. I’m definitely taking the cake for that one.


The reunion is a time for girls to really reflect on what went on behind their backs when they were too stupid to realize what happened in the house. The girls forgot one message that I whole-heartedly lived by: I moved into the house alone, and I will leave alone. The so-called friendships you made whilst living in the BGC are 99.9% guaranteed not to last after the show, and the realization of this is going to be made known at the reunion. What can I say? The truth hurts and I cannot wait to see the girls reactions’ to their ignorance in the house.

The only words of advice I have for the future Bad Girls are: you were born an original, don’t die a copy. Though I was hands down the weirdest, most athletic, crazy Bad Girl to live in the BGC, no one has compared, and no one will be compared to me. Life is too short to be anything but yourself, so take it as a compliment. You were chosen to be here for a reason, and you sure as hell shouldn’t pass up on the opportunities. Quitters never win, and winners never quit. Go hard or go home and remember, you’re an army of one. If you’re strong enough to make it to the end without being a lawn ornament, kudos to you!

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