Nikki On Episode 2: Broverload

I didn't care how the other girls felt about me, as I did not sign up to be in the Bad Girls Club and be liked. Without Jade in the house I didn’t notice a difference really. The girls only knew her for a couple of days. How could the whole house be that affected?

Of course I felt badly about hurting Kori. It clearly was an accident. My main intention was not to hurt Kori that night, but unfortunately accidents do happen. I owe none of the other girls an apology because what happened to Kori was between me and her. Whether or not I show emotion to the other girls is irrelevant, and after the incident took place, I took Kori aside and apologized to her in person and alone. I don’t need an audience in order to have a genuine, sincere apology, and Kori can vouch for that, considering she was the one to accept it.
The fact that Sydney didn’t even try to understand what actually happened with Bennie, and immediately listened to the other girls was bothersome. I found it ironic that Sydney is always the one to come to bat for people in the house regardless of the situation, but when it came to Kori, she didn’t even ask me what happened. Instead, she listened to Char and her followers. Sydney was always one to boast about how she had a “boo” back home, but was so quick to hop in bed with someone else. At that point in time, her ignorance towards the situation was irritating, and if we were shooting for low blows, I was going to win. I told Bennie because I knew she had not told him, and I knew it would take the attention off the already-blown-out-of-proportion situation with Kori’s hand. It worked, didn’t it?
All of the girls called a house meeting and told me that they wanted me gone. For starters, I thought the girls were all weak for not being able to live in a house with someone who laughs at all situations, pulls pranks, and successfully gets under people’s skin. If there are five girls to one, you would think that they would prevail, but clearly that wasn’t the case. Not a single person tried to come up to me individually and talk about how they were feeling. I guess coming to me in a formal house meeting was their way of getting me out. I didn’t care how the other girls felt about me, as I did not sign up to be in the Bad Girls Club and be liked. If I left the experience with friends, that would be an added bonus. I knew that Kori’s accident triggered this house meeting, but if I were a malicious person, out to hurt my roommates or damage their belongings, I would rightfully deserve to go home. But, because that hadn’t been the case, there was no reason they should have had the house meeting because there was no way I was leaving without a fight. This is the Bad Girls Club, not a day care center.

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