Nikki on Episode 4: From Ashes to Clashes

Char is just a jealous, malicious person. That there was NO room for her on the Awesome Train.Getting my tattoo touched up is something that I have to do on the regular. Though the GTL tattoo was not originally done while at the BGC house, I knew it had to be touched up before it completely faded. I know first-hand what it’s like to live and breathe Jersey! Aside from my GTL tattoo, which I originally got as a dare, I would not get any other tattoos. Tattoos are very sexy on certain people (including my ripped, juicy men), but it’s not for me. I don’t want to get something that I may regret in the future. Getting one on the inside of your lip, however, is something that not everyone can see when then first look at you. Face it, first impressions are lasting impressions, and we live in a superficial world.

Lauren is an absolute riot. Sure, she gets drunk and says some things that are completely out of line, but who doesn’t? If being in the BGC was about keeping your opinions to yourself, then she would not have been casted. In San Francisco, I felt as though Lauren was really able to branch out of her traditional role as one of Char’s minions because she finally was forced to see how Char really was when we were out and about. I said that she was my favorite roommate because she, too, was loud and obnoxious, and didn’t care what people thought about her…just like me. Lauren and I are constantly on the prowl for good fun, and it just so happened that San Francisco brought our paths together. Char is just a jealous, malicious person and knew that there was NO room for her negativity on the Awesome Train.

Char is a walking contradiction. She uses her age to convince herself and others that she is more mature and should not be dealing with immaturity. But, on the other hand, she is the first one to engage in petty games and talk trash about her roommates. Which is it? I despise people like her, and it’s nothing but a bad acting job. No wonder she’s on the Bad Girls Club -- she clearly didn’t make it for any serious roles in Hollywood.

Char needs validation from others because unlike myself, who can stand alone in any given situation, she feels as though there is strength in numbers. And, to add insult to injury, she knows that her followers are nothing without her, and she even acknowledges them as puppies. Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, and this validation is exactly what her minions give her. Without them, she is just another girl (yes, girl, because women don’t conduct themselves in the manner in which she does), who needs to hang out with girls who are “less-than” her so she feels better about herself. Char has expressed that her friends need her back home, and without them they are nothing. Last time I checked, my friends’ personalities compliment my personality, similar to a yin and yang. I don’t keep people around to try to boost my self-esteem because I am confident with who I am and what I do on a regular basis. Older or not, Char isn’t okay with who she is as a person, and you can tell when she lashes out at me for things that the average person would disregard.
San Francisco can be summarized in one word: AWESOME. It was SO nice getting out of the Bad Girls House! When we found out that we were going to San Francisco, I was extremely excited. For one, I have only been to the outskirts of San Fran, and was ready to take the city head on with a crew of seven crazy b*tches. Anytime out and about is a good time, and despite Char trying to complain or be jealous of Ashley, the rest of us were there to just enjoy the blue skies and hot guys!

We all have our times where we have been so completely faded, and this just happened to be mine. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t the first night, and I was smart enough to not piss anyone off. Going out with my roommates should be a fun time, and despite my mumbling, I really did have a blast. I definitely do not regret drinking that much. I had a great dinner with my roommates, met an amazingly hot guy, and on top of all that, got to work out my hangover on a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay. There is very little that can top that weekend. Remember, go hard or go home is my motto, and I wasn’t going to let a night of craziness keep me from having a great time.
In regards to Sydney leaving, when someone cops out on an experience that you are hand-picked to be on, that is a sign of weak sauce. Although Sydney’s uncle was injured the first time, her phone calls back to the BGC house dripped with negativity and weariness. If you are getting a second chance to come back into an experience that most girls are only given one, you should take it, run with it, and consider yourself lucky. When I got to talk to Sydney on a personal level in San Francisco, I could see that there was a lot more behind her. I don’t know if it was the fact that she had the Bennie situation weighing heavy on her, and she didn’t know what to do, or was it really that she felt like she was losing herself. Whatever the case may be, I am not there to judge her reasoning behind leaving. Do I think it was weak? Yes. Would I have done that? Absolutely not. Does she know she made a mistake? I am sure of that. But, at the end of this, not everyone is cut out for the Bad Girls Club, and I know I was. No matter how hard these broads tried to push me out, I was NOT going anywhere, and by Sydney leaving it would leave room for someone who actually wanted to be there (sans constant complaints).
With Sydney leaving, my hotel room had one less person, so Ashley and I were able to lounge without drama, complaining and moodiness. To be honest, though, I actually felt bad for Sydney, because I knew when she looked back on the experience, she would regret it. I strongly feel that before moving into the Bad Girls Club, you need to have your personal life in check. Sydney obviously had some underlying issues, and needed to take care of them before she could devote her whole life to this experience. Once I saw how confused and “lost” she claimed to be, my heart went out to her. Do I wish she stayed? Not really, as I was ready for fresh meat and couldn’t wait to see who would be knocking at my door next. Sydney is a tough cookie in her own way, but the Bad Girls Club is not for everyone, and I don’t have room for weak sauce…ever.

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