Nikki on Episode 5: Kentucky Fried and Char Broiled

If you can’t already tell, Char is a very hateful, malicious person, who only feels good about herself, when putting those around her down. The fact that I have such bro-status, can get guys without putting up a fake, “mature and sophisticated” front, shows who the real person is. Once again, Char is annoyed that I am not her minion, and am such a big threat to her, inside and outside of the house. I have quadrupled the number of guys brought home in comparison to Char, all while still having a great time. Whether it be in San Fran, in the house, or every hot spot in LA, I am the life of the party and she cannot handle it. Char tries to dictate what the other girls should do, and I just laugh it off, just like every other asinine thing she does. Jealously is a b*tch, and so is she.

Seeing Natalie, for the second time, was purely epic. The look on Char’s face when we were on stage was priceless, as she knew she had been gutted yet again. Being the conniving person that we already knew Char to be, she does not like losing to poor, little Nikki, or big bad Natalie. From what I experienced at Ecco, Natalie was a fun, outgoing person, and it was nice to hang with someone who is just as loud as I am. Char is just a pure hater, who hangs with people she feels are “less-than” so her superiority can reign high. Why would someone like her hang with people she couldn’t control, or feel as though are a threat to her? Get off your high horse, broski, this is the Bad Girls Club. You’re not running for Miss America, which you, too, would clearly lose.

VIDEO: Nikki in the club and having a blast with Natalie Nunn while Char looks on and hates!


Of course no one else is going to stand up to Char. As per Char’s confessional about her and her puppies, it was obvious that Jessica and Kori were on Char’s dog leash. I would be utterly embarrassed to know that your supposed “friend” in the house was the first one to talk about you behind your back. Love me or hate me, I was never a liar, nor ever talked badly about those who I considered to be friends with. Char pretends to be everyone’s friend, while simultaneously saying she runs them. Similar to everything else, this is comical, because her minions are so blinded by this, despite what I tell them. Hey, here’s a thought, do yourself a favor and think with your OWN brain, not Char’s. It’s pretty pathetic to know that you were casted to be a “Bad Girl,” but need to have every action approved by your master.

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