Nikki on Episode 6: Play With It

By the looks of Jennifer, she seemed as superficial as Kori, and I knew they would have an immediate bond. Though we were both from Jersey, I know how Jersey girls are, and I know she would not compare to me physically or mentally. As any new girl without a brain would do, she sided with the girls with more troops. Clearly she hadn’t been there since the beginning because she wasn’t good enough to be picked first, and this was an indication of her being weaksauce right off the bat. Lauren and I could stand on our own, and we didn’t need another person to be on Team Awesome -- perhaps Team Annoying would take her instead.

VIDEO: Take a peek at Team Awesome's pranks at the other girls in the house!

At this point Char is so pathetic, it’s now moved on from hysterical to pity. Mature this, grown that, bro you are still arguing with us over NOTHING! We win yet again. Char likes to hear herself speak, so naturally when she gets beer muscles she decides to keep going off. Lucky for me, I have already won this battle three episodes ago, and I need not worry about her self-destructing in the house. I thought Char would have kept what little dignity that she had left because Daniel was there, but the fact that she didn’t made it even more comical. Eat your heart out sweetie. You’re accusing everyone in the house of everything you are. Grow up, and stop preaching to everyone about how mature you are. After all, you’re the one that looks like a clown…WONKA WONKA.

At first, Lauren and I became friends because of one thing: we both hated Char. In real life, this probably wouldn’t have happened because our circles wouldn’t have crossed, but this is the Bad Girls Club and anything is possible. I am very happy with our relationship. Lauren and I are fun, outgoing, and hilarious. Anyone who begs to differ is just a hater. Lauren is the only girl in the house that I feel I have actually developed a friendship with versus an acquaintanceship. We can talk about things of substance, share secrets, and even bond over how idiotic the other girls look. It’s a good time 24/7, and we are two peas in a pod. Last time I checked, friendships are developed because of a commonality, not a way to backstab others in a sneaky, cowardly fashion…Char.

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Daniel is my best friend and there would be no other person that would come to the house and fit in better than he can. Despite my personal opinions of others, Daniel is very open-minded, willing to give people a chance, and is just an overall nice person. He is the yin to my yang, and often times brings zen to my life when I am going crazy. Daniel tried to introduce himself to everyone in the house, and of course, Char was the only one who had a problem. Char is once again proving how ignorant she is by repeatedly running her mouth and being a hater. Daniel is free to like whoever he wants, and it is apparent the Negative Nancy vibe Char gives off, also rubs Daniel the wrong way.

Until Char decides to stop preaching, rallying girls to follow her, and grows the f*ck up, we definitely cannot be friends. Char needs to get off her high horse and stop acting like she runs the joint, because the only thing she runs is her mouth. Daniel thinks that Char and I will be a dynamic duo because we are both strong-minded and independent, but I don’t see that happening nor do I care if it did. Char is really a very funny person, and I think we could laugh about the same things, but the biggest difference between her and I is that I laugh because things are funny, she laughs because she’s a hurtful person. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick to my own fun.

Plain and simple, Jennifer is a jackass. Of course it didn’t bother me when she came in the house with beer muscles and hit my poster. I was sitting in bed with Lauren reading. Why didn’t she grow a pair and come upstairs and confront me about the issue. Wait, what issue? Oh, the fact that she had just become Char’s pawn? BAHAHAHA. I cannot even comment on this, as it is really too funny for words. I guess you had to be there! Here’s a little word of advice, bro: if you want to go ape sh*t on me, step up to the plate and do something about it. You’re disgusting, have absolutely no business being in the Bad Girls Club, and it’s only a matter of time before you, too are gone…Oompa!
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