Nikki on Episode 7: Beat Down Barbie

Kori started talking to me because Ashley was becoming Char's main minion. Dr. Drew is a Silver Fox! I was so excited to meet him, and participate on loveline. The questions were a bit vulgar, but nonetheless, I had a great time. What did I learn about being on the show…? Most people need to be okay with themselves before they can commit to someone else.

At this point when Kori started talking to me again, she is irrelevant. She is so far up Char’s ass that it’s comical. Realistically, Kori started talking to me because Ashley was becoming Char’s main minion, so Kori felt that she was losing all the attention. Go figure, it’s not hard for someone to feel that way when you need a check up from the neck up.

If you look at Kori and Ashley, they are exactly the same person, give or take a few shades. Superficial barbies who need to have attention on them all day, every day, and when it isn’t, everyone should be made aware. When the tension finally broke the two, I had been downstairs working on my laundry. When I came upstairs, it was apparently too late. Either way, great show. I guess Kori can fight after all.

PHOTOS: Check out the brawl between Ash and Kori

The fight between Kori and Ashley was long overdue. Kori had it out for Ashley because a) she was threatened by Ashley because of her looks, self-confidence, and strong-willed mind, and b) because Ashley’s friends went HAM on Kori and Kori wanted payback.

Char’s minions were starting to crumble because it was obvious that Char just wanted them around to boost her self-confidence, not because she was really friends with them. Ta ta for now, weak sauce.
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