Nikki on Episode 8: Weak Sauce

NEWSFLASH: CHAR IS AN IGNORANT WALKING CONTRADICTION. Clearly you haven’t been watching the same season as I have, but Char only does things or talks to people if there is a direct benefit to her. Of course she wanted Aaron to like her, as she is all about her image. Aaron, being close in age to Char, probably has a lot of corporate, executive friends. This is perfect for Char’s gold-digging image. And, being that Char and Aaron are from the same city, word will get around, so why not act nicely to him? If Char had someone visit the house, I would do exactly as I do to her now, ignore them. The filth that encompasses Char’s “mature” demeanor is not even worth getting stuck to the bottom of my shoe. She’s that low and anyone who associates with her is considered scum anyway.

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Honestly, Aaron is a dude. If he didn’t flirt, something would be wrong. While some may call it flirting, I thought he was acting bro-licious. All of my guy friends back home are like him, hence the reason I vibed with him from minute one, despite the fact that Jessica was not speaking to me because of Char. Either way, real recognizes real, and he took a liking to me from minute one. It was nice to finally have a dude in the house that a) was not trying to get in my pants, b) was cool as sh*t and c) let me beat him in ping pong repeatedly. I loved hanging out with him. Too bad Jessica wasn’t as cool as he was for the duration of her time in the BGC.

My first impression of Wilmarie was, “Oh great, another replacement. I’m glad they found someone trashy enough to come into the house. It’s time to mess with them harder than anyone else.” No one is a threat to me in the house because everyone knows I am not going anywhere, and I call the shots. I must say, Wilmarie was rather nice, but I didn’t get to know her very well in the limo. I let the Oompa do most of the talking. Once Wilmarie said she was from New Jersey, my eyes lit up bigger than a kid on Christmas morning. Wilmarie’s presence already caused a threat to Jennifer, and it was great to watch Jennifer try to get me on her side. Wilmarie being older, I knew that she wouldn’t have time for Jen’s antics, and being that I already wanted Jen out of the house, I knew I could manipulate Wilmarie into speeding up the process. Face it, these girls are living in nikkiNation. As Vince Lombardi once said, “If you can accept losing, you can’t win,” and face it, I don’t lose.

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At first I was unsure if Wilmarie was going to be cool or not. After dealing with Char and her “mature” 27-year-old behavior, I was worried Wilmarie would try and pull that card, too. I love to laugh, and so did Wilmarie. Wilmarie and I completely rearranged the living room, make fun of Jen’s classiness, and was even able to irritate Jen just by smiling at her. This was great. It was nice to finally have someone in the house that wanted to have genuine mischievous fun, beside from my bestie, Lauren.

Wilmarie was a straight G when she walked into the house, but what else should you expect from someone trying to prove their ground? The Original Five had been there for over two months, and in order to make an impression, it was almost expected for Wilmarie to cause a scene. Clearly none of the originals would stand for it, so picking on the weakest link (and replacement), Jennifer was a target. It was a straight battle of the NJ Rejects. Wilmarie had me laughing so hard, and it was great to see Jennifer scramble for friends and her so-called dignity. Hate to break it to you, lover lips, but this is the Bad Girls Club, I can reassure you that you were not casted for your dignity, morals, or classiness.
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