Nikki on Episode 9: Power Trippin

Jessica had been under Char’s wing for so long, that she became irrelevant in the house. Fortunately, real recognizes real, and when Aaron came to visit, he shed the light on what kind of person I was. Jessica and I had been close in the beginning, and it was unfortunate that someone as obnoxious as Char could cloud Jessica’s vision. Jessica is probably the only other person that I could laugh with, mess around with, and genuinely confide in while living in the BGC, and it was really sad to know that she wasn’t interacting with me because Char was her puppeteer. I hope that Jessica now sees how much I do genuinely care about her, despite her constant following of Char.

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Regardless of who was on my side, I can’t reiterate enough that I need NO ONE to prevail in the house. nikkiNation is an army of one, and the fact that Wilmarie joined the winning side showed that she was somewhat smart. I have the most power in the house, and realistically, Lauren doesn’t care about those things. She is there for genuine fun, while I’m there to run circles around the other girls. Char is definitely jealous that I am taking over, hence the reason she sat back and watched me do it. She no longer had any say in what went on in the house. Take a look at her main minion, Jessica for example. Char’s old ass almost went into cardiac arrest when she saw that Jessica and I were talking. She did not and could not do anything about it. Payback’s a b*tch.

Toucan Sam, aka Jennifer, was a dodo bird. I don’t know why she was even cast to be in the Bad Girls Club. I think she accidentally missed out on Willy Wonka’s casting, which was held down the street. I don’t feel badly for her. She showed her weaknesses in the house, and in competitions you have to thrive on your opponent’s flaws. The BGC house was not Charm School. No one was there to be classy. Once her true trashiness showed, she was starting to feel regret, and started making up excuses as to why she wanted to go home. I just sped up the process. I run the house, and I call who stays and who goes.

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The fight between Jessica, Lauren, and I was out of pure drunken mayhem. Things were going too smoothly in the house, and Lauren and I wanted to start trouble when we got home. Because we knew Char wouldn’t do anything, we started picking on the minions one by one. Jessica happened to be the target that night. Unfortunately everything happened so fast, and when someone (regardless of who), hits my closest friend in the house, I will retaliate. I didn’t attack Jessica when she hit Lauren a few weeks back because I thought Jessica would see how Char was dictating her every move, and would come around on her own. I guess it took her brother’s opinion to show her how conniving Char really was. Yes it was a cheap shot, but yes it drove the message home of how upset I was that Jessica and my relationship was stunted because of a purely evil b*tch.

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