Sydney on Episode 2: Broverload

The dynamic in the house didn't change in an instant once Jade left. We all eventually relaxed and became comfortable.

When Nikki told Bennie about my night with Jordan I was fuming. My blood was rushing, but I kept my cool because I did this to myself. I had to stick to only being mad at her for speaking about something that wasn't her place to speak about.

I’d love to be with Bennie and I’ll always feel that way, but we'll never see eye to eye. I know how Bennie will react when he finds out - He'll be donezo!


Nikki's reaction to cutting Kori's hand was childish and selfish. I hope it was a lesson learned for her. That sh*t was IMMATURE. I wanted Nikki out of the house STAT only because she was filling the house with unnecessary bullshit.


When Nikki decided to stay I was pissed! It's the Bad Girls Club, not Survivor! This ain't no competition!

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