Wilma on Episode 10: Wilma Goes Bamm Bamm

I knew she was a fake, crazy actress, and probably bipolar.Lauren and Nikki just wanted to sit around when we were at the club. I'm not that girl who goes to the club to just sit there and look pretty. I really didn't expect Nikki to react the way she did when I spoke my mind. Back at the house, I tried to sit and talk to her about it and she just started to be a b*tch and take my bed apart. Even though Nikki thinks she runs the house, Lauren is cool and she has a mind of her own. She doesn't follow Nikki but she is always around her, so people just think she's Nikki's follower. But she really does have a mind of her own, and if she doesn't want to do something, she doesn't do it.

I totally didn’t think there would be so much drama in only four days, but living in the Bad Girls house I realized there is maximum drama every single day! Being new, I never felt like I needed to prove myself to anyone, I just acted like myself and took what came of it. I still stand by what I said about everyone in that house being crazy. It’s just so weird how the girls in the house would just brush certain things off like they were nothing. For instance, how Nikki punched Jessica and the next day they were cool again! That kind of blew my mind.

VIDEO: Watch this recap of all the drama and the fight that went down in this episode!

The other girls thought I was out to get them because I was hanging with Nikki and Lauren, so they were careful with me. They didn't pressure me to talk to them, or tell me not to hang with Nikki and Lauren, they just waited for me to see and realize it on my own. I thought the other girls were cool. Nikki and Lauren didn't really brainwash me. I never really listen to what people say. I judge a person when I actually meet and talk with them not by what someone tells me about them.

I don't think I was used to get Jen out the house. The reason I did it was because I didn't like Jen. She started with me, so I wanted to show her that she messed with the wrong chick.

The breaking point with Nikki was when I tried to talk to her in the kitchen and she just ignored me, went to my room, and took my bed apart. I thought that was childish of her and from then on I knew she was a fake, crazy actress, and probably bipolar. The fight with Nikki started because by the time she got in the limo she was drunk and she just wanted to start a fight with someone. She was throwing cups in my face and talking a lot of smack. I told her to chill because I was sober and she was drunk and if we fought I would mess her up. But she didn't care what I had to say, and kept on bugging me. So I told her “if you have so much balls why don't you hit me?” She did, and I hit her back!
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