Wilmarie: I'm a Bad Girl because...

I’m a girl that loves to party and have a good time. The reason why I'm a Bad Girl is because I play with boys’ hearts and I'm the silent Bad Girl who surprises everyone at the end.

I wanted to be on Bad Girls Club because I wanted to see how far someone can push me to the point that I'll react back. Wanted to test myself and see how far certain people can push me until I exploded. I learned that you really need to bug me for me to even bother with you.

VIDEO: Check out Wilmarie's casting tape for the Bad Girls Club!

The Bad Girl house is vacation time for me. I'm going to party drink, dance, and boy hunt my whole time here. If the girls wanna join me, fine! If not, I'll party alone.


I think I'm going to be treated like every replacement that walks in the Bad Girls house. The "originals" always want to put up a front act tough and do a hazing...BRING IT! LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!

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