Wilmarie on BGC 6 Reunion

Although we weren’t friends in the house, me and Jennifer got cool the night before the reunion. We actually bumped into each other at a club and gave each other the stink eye. Then I approached her and we talked everything out.

Before the reunion started I was backstage. It was very relaxing for me. I was just waiting and dying to get on stage and confront whoever had the balls to come at me.

At the end people will realize that in that house there were two fake people: 1. Char who didn't say sh*t to me at the reunion but has the balls to talk to the cameras and say I'm dirty. If you’re a bad chick you would have the balls to tell the person to their face....and 2. Nikki who was "playing a game." It was all an act. She didn't fit in and she needed to act tough and play a role because she knew being herself wasn't enough. These two girls didn't do anything. They were the weakest girls in the house. They both are delusional and in their little heads think they ran the house. Me and Nikki weren't "so close" at the beginning of my arrival to the house. I was getting to know her and from day one I knew she was sneaky. I will never regret hitting Nikki she needed someone to hit her so she could realize she isn't tough. She doesn't run anything, nor does she run anyone.

Char deserved to get hit by Sydney. I actually think everyone should have given Char an ass beating for being so fake and thinking she's the head b*tch in charge. If she really was the head b*tch in charge she wouldn't be scared to tell the girls the things she said to the camera and actually say it to their faces.

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