Wilmarie on Episode 11: Don't Hate La Playa

Someone needed to put Nikki in her place and I knew I was the only one that had the balls to do it.

When I first met Nikki and she said she played football and she was defense, I was like sh*t this b*tch would tackle me to the wall. So I knew if I ever fought her it wouldn't be an easy fight. I really didn't think I was going to have the upper hand fighting with Nikki, but I'm not a punk. I've punched 3 guys in the face before so I wasn't afraid to fight Nikki like I told her before: "I will get f*cked up but I will f*ck you up, too." But when we fought in the limo and I saw how easy it was and she wasn't as strong as she was fronting, I said: "It's over! We fighting til I get kicked out this house!"

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I told everyone that I was not going to be the chick going home in the middle of the trip. The Bad Girls Club was my vacay time so I said I was going to enjoy Mexico to the fullest and just ignore Nikki throughout the whole trip…but when we got back to Cali, I was going to beat her as up. Nikki doesn't do anything genuine! Her kissing everyone’s ass was her knowing no one was giving a f*ck about her and we weren't going to react to her at all. When no one was talking to her she realized she wasn't getting any camera time. And Nikki loves the camera! She acts one way when the cameras were around and when they were off her she would act another way. Straight FAKE!

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One of the rules I told Nikki was: never touch my stuff or we will be having a problem. I'm not Jen. You touch my sh*t, get ready for war. The fight with Nikki after we came from Mexico was because of soooo many things.

1. She gave me a scar by my breast. She scratched me with her nails and I hate when b*tches scratch because my skin scars easily and it's so hard for scars to go away.

2. She was kissing so much ass at the bar trying to win everyone’s love back -- like paying for everyone’s drinks and the other girls were falling for that sh*t. Not me!

3. We left for Mexico right after our fight. I wasn't finished with her. Mexico was me putting the pause button, then we hit Cali and I hit play right away

4. Someone needed to put Nikki in her place and I knew I was the only one that had the balls to do it. Do I regret it? HELL MOTHER F*CKIN NO! I would do it again and again and again. If I was given a time machine I would go back to that moment in my life and whoop her ass again!

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