Wilmarie on Episode 8: Weak Sauce

It felt so damn weird getting in the limo and seeing the rest of the girls inside already. I wasn't ready at all. I thought I was going to surprise them. I guess we all got surprised. When I got in the limo and saw all the girls my first thought was "WTF happened to them?" I saw one with a black eye and everyone looking like they went through hell. My first impression was okay some are nice and some are total b*tches.

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I actually thought when I got into the limo that Jessica would say something to me because she has this tough look about her but out of nowhere Jennifer comes and starts sh*t with me. Once she started I knew she would be a problem. The funny thing was that Nikki and Lauren were total b*tches to me in the limo but then at the bar we started to talk and I started to vibe with them. I liked Lauren because she is into all the same things I’m into so it was a plus and Nikki seemed real up front like me.

I wondered why Nikki and Char hated each other so much. I didn't want to get in the middle. Char was nice to me so there was no reason for me not to like her.

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I asked Jennifer to use the phone very nicely and she shut the door on me. I got angry but I don't think I caused the fight at all that night. Jennifer started with me and I was nice to her the whole night but she just kept testing me. I had to show her I’m not the b*tch to be messed with.

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