Angelic on BGC 701

the fact that I’m 21 years old doesn't mean anything, trust me. I don’t mind the other girls calling me baby because it’s true, I am the baby of the group. But I am also a grown woman and the fact that I’m 21 years old doesn't mean anything, trust me. I've seen a lot, done a lot, and been through a lot, so don’t let my age fool you!

When we went out the first night, Judi was doing her thing. If she wants to go hang out with a guy, let her hang out with a guy. But it would have been cool if she was dancing on the bar with us!

When the fight broke out in the limo and Judi ended up smashing a glass I was like “okay, here we go...”

PHOTOS: See more photos from the first episode here!

All the other girls seem to be siding with Shelly, but I didn't want to choose sides. It was the first night, I was observing. I had just met both of them. They are grown adults, they can handle their own conflict.

I threw Tasha’s pizza on the floor because everyone was screaming. It wasn't that serious, she could have made a new one or I would have made it for her, but instead she got all bent out of shape even after I tried to explain to her that wasn't personal. She pressed my B*TCH MODE button, so let Angie the bitch begin!

I can’t believe Judi spat on the pizza. Ahhh that's crazy, I mean spitting on peoples food!!!

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