Judi on BGC 701

When I first walked into the house I couldn`t believe my eyes. It was surreal. Was I dreaming??? Or was I really living in this beautiful, plantation built mansion right here in the land of magic, New Orleans?! I bonded with the big voodoo doll right away! It was a redbone, just like me =) Plus she was obviously the original Bad Girl in the house... I AM THE VOODOO DOLL!

The second I met Angie I could see that she’s a very pretty girl. She has a cute lil’ accent and is full of energy. She was also 21 - like me!

When all the girls went out the first night, I ended up not really hanging out with them. It wasn`t that I didn`t want too. I was just in a new environment, around girls I didn`t know... Plus we were in a club, and there were a ton of fine southern guys that needed my attention as well =)

When Shelly confronted me about not hanging with the family, I didn`t understand what she meant. It’s not like any drama was going on... so why couldn`t I just enjoy myself during my first night in Louisiana?

I got angry in the limo because I felt like I was being attacked. When I feel like I`m being attacked I do what any other Krazi Creole would do, and that’s shatter a glass to make everybody STFU!! ;)

PHOTOS: See more photos from the first episode here!

When Shelly drowned my little voodoo doll I felt like she did me a favor. I`m a Pisces and I love to swim! Thanks, Shelly =D Plus... 1, 2, Miss Voodoo`s coming for u...

I decided to spit in the girl’s pizza because I felt like they spat on my feelings. I don`t regret anything, but I do wish I could have been a little bit more mature about the situation.

Shelly got really physical with me. But I`m not afraid of her. She wouldn`t have pulled that with anyone else in the house. But that`s okay, because it made me that much stronger ;)

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