Judi on BGC 702

When I drink, I have an alter ego that comes out. My 2nd personality is "Rude Jude". She's my alter ego, and takes NO shit. I was drunk when I destroyed Tasha's bed, I thought it was Shelly's. I didn't help clean it because I didn't think I did it. I couldn’t remember anything; it wasn’t me it was “Rude Jude”! I decided to drink again the second night, because this is the BAD GIRLS CLUB!!! Still, getting kicked out of the nightclub was f*cked up. My feelings were hurt because, from day one, all I wanted to do was have fun.

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I threw Shelly's skull in the lake because she started sh*t with me the first day. And I don't regret it. She wouldn’t get off my back about the stupid skull so I hit her. Things got a little crazy after that. She's so annoying. I wasn’t going to let her get away with bothering me all night over one stupid thing.

I was so pissed when the girls moved all my stuff outside because I had to move it back in all by myself! I wasn't going anywhere. I wanted to stay because I knew it was going to make me such a stronger person.

I was really happy when Stasi came and talked to me. It took a lot of stress off of me that I was feeling from all the rest of the girls in the house. I apologized to Nastasia because deep down inside I knew I wanted us to be friends. I felt a connection with her and I didn’t want it to be lost for stupid reasons.

When Tasha, Priscilla, and Shelly ganged up on me, I just thought it was weak and lame. It took all three of them just to try and tell me off. And they didn’t even succeed.

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