Nastasia on BGC 702

I’m didn’t buy Judi's apology because how can she genuinely apologize for sh*t she doesn’t even remember? Besides, it was only 10 am and she was already drinking again! Seriously, get it together!

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I wanted Judi out the house because she was the common factor in all the drama, so I thought that if we removed her we’d get rid of the drama. I helped move her stuff out because I knew the other b*tches would just be rude about it, and I wanted to make sure that this was done the right way. We needed to get the point across without being rude.

I had a change of heart through after I took Judi aside and actually talked to her. I pulled Judi outside for a one-on-one because that's what GROWN WOMEN do. I really wanted her to see that I didn’t need a group to say what I had to say, and that I was being real with her; I needed her to really hear my words. Talking to her, I realized there is more to her drinking than meets the eye, and I truly started to feel bad for her. I felt that she deserved a second chance - she is only human after all. I ultimately decided to let things go between Judi and me because she has a real problem and I understand first hand because I have a family member with the same problem.

I was super lost at the fact that Shelly said she needed someone with her to talk to Judi... FOR WHAT? HOW OLD ARE YOU??? #IMASLEEEP I was completely wrong about her. I thought she was cool and strong, but now I see that she has to have a clique in order to be loud and speak her mind.

I was BEYOND PISSED OFF when I saw Tasha, Priscilla and Shelly's so called intervention... I just had a f*cking conversion with all of them and told them I talked to her one-on-one and they still went to attack the girl??! They just proved to me that they are weak and can’t stand alone. At that moment I lost all respect for Shelly especially. The drama between Shelly and Judi is so childish. Shelly needs to just talk to Judi rather than yell at her. She’s acting crazy and it’s just adding fuel to the fire.

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