Priscilla on BGC 702

What Judi did to Tasha’s bed wasn’t funny, it was dangerous. She could have actually been hurt with the glass in her bed. I didn’t believe Judi when she said she hadn’t done it. As a general rule I don’t trust anyone in this house, except Tasha.

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Judi’s behavior at the club was disgusting. I feel bad for her. She thinks it gets her attention, but really it just makes her look like a low life. I’m here trying to show positivity, and Judi is just bringing out everything opposite. I was so excited when she was kicked out of the club. At least now I know we have awesome security!

I don’t think we ganged up on Judi at all. I tried talking to her alone, but she just wasn’t having it. You can’t win a war with just one man, so we all had to talk to her. That’s how she knew we were serious; one-on-one was just not gonna work with this girl.

Since nothing was working, we decided it was time for Judi to go and started throwing her stuff out of the house. I can lose my marbles too, and she just didn’t deserve to be there. I tried to understand her, I really did. But she is so disrespectful and destructive; it was the end of the line.

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