Shelly on BGC 701

She put the nail in her own coffin.What did I think of Judi’s behavior at the club? One word… trashy!!! I looked at this as a bonding experience and she ditched us. I expect more out of adults than I got from her that night.

I feel like we all just wanted to make the most of this opportunity to get to know each other. Ditching the people you’re about to spend three months with on the first night was a bad idea. She put the nail in her own coffin.

When the fight broke out in the limo and Judi ended up smashing the glass I was thinking “You f*cking crazy b*tch! We had all just met and we were all getting along, so I didn’t see why that was necessary. My first instinct was to make sure everyone was okay and no one was cut. I knew that when we got back to the house that the drunk b*tch would need to be taught a lesson.

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I tried to get Angie to side with me instead of Judi because I felt that Judi would downgrade Angie. She is young and I was looking out for her.

When I found out Judi spat on our pizza I wanted to spit in her face. Why would you do that to someone you barely know?!?! What if she had something? We all could have gotten sick. From what I saw at the club she was a dirty b*tch! Her actions at the club were the only thing I had to go on at the time.

To retaliated I made her wear that pizza. Hope you enjoyed it, b*tch! F*ck with my sh*t and I will f*ck with yours! Heard it makes a great facial cream!!!

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