Shelly on BGC 702

I was not surprised when Judi destroyed Tasha’s bed. She would stoop to that level. And when she wouldn’t admit she did it, or even offer to clean it up, it was just ridiculous. It just goes to show her maturity level. She is a child.

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When I found out Sarah wasn’t going to be able to visit me, to say I was heartbroken is an understatement. That was terrible news. It made me question whether I should stay or leave. I decided it was worth it to stick it out, since there was a lot to learn at the Bad Girls house, even if I couldn’t see Sarah.

Judi’s behavior at the club was just so embarrassing. I don’t surround myself with people like that back home for a reason. It was disgusting. I didn’t even care that she got kicked out of the club. After the stunts she was pulling I just wanted her away from me and out of sight to the public. I was just mortified to be associated in any way with her.

When Judi had to go to a hotel after our fight, I felt great. At that point I thought she was kicked out. That is all I really wanted because she obviously was not planning on growing up while living in the Bad Girls house. Why would I want to live with a child?

We decided it’d be fun to move all of Judi’s stuff out of the house. She didn’t show any of us enough respect to live there, so why should we let her? She was an embarrassment to the house.

Priscilla, Tasha and I all had similar issues with Judi. We decided to all sit down with her and talk it out. We did it this way because I figured it’d be easier to get it over with all together than to have Judi sit down with each of us one and one and hear the same damn thing.

I am calmer around people that I like, and I like Priscilla and Tasha, so I knew sitting with them and Judi, I would actually not raise my voice and keep calm the whole time. I did not want to yell at Judi. I wanted to actually try to help her understand what we were saying.

I really didn’t care that Nastasia called me out and said that I should have talked to Judi one-on-one. She was mad cause I didn’t do what she thought was best. But I am my own person and I knew for me it was the best way. Enough said.

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