Tasha on BGC 701

I felt like I was living in a kid sorority house...Honestly, I couldn’t care less that Judi didn’t hang out with us at the club. Judi is young and dumb and acting out to get attention... I honestly feel bad for people that aren't secure enough to be themselves 24-7!

By the time the fight broke out in the limo and Judi ended up smashing a glass, I was SOOOO TIRED with all the bullshit. The LAST thing I wanted to deal with is an immature little child acting out to get attention. Once again... just very sad.

Back at the house, Angie ripped my picture down for NO REASON!!! So from the very start I knew she had something against me for NO REASON... jealously maybe!!???!

I was so grossed out when I found out Judi spat on our pizza. WHAT A SICK B*TCH!!! I think this girl really has mental issues. WHAT normal adult would think to do something as immature as spitting on pizza...?! She’s just gross.

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Unlike Judi, I’m very mature so all of the drama was just pathetic. I felt like I was living in a kid sorority house... I did the whole get drunk and have a good time thing when I was 21, and even then I NEVER acted like a fool like these girls did. I think that shows a lot about a person. They are all very desperate for attention and I feel like any CONFIDENT YOUNG WOMAN doesn't need to act in any way to get attention. I will remain CLASSY and CONFIDENT!!! Because at the end of the day, NO man wants to wife up a trashy immature female. Men want a confident, sexy, independent woman! Like me.


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