Tasha on BGC 702

I had no idea who trashed my bed, but it was not cool. Who does that? Who puts glass in a bed? I could have been seriously hurt. It was just mental and childish. When Judi said she didn’t do it I knew that she was lying. I guess it could have been Angie, but somehow it was pretty clear it was Judi. She should at least have had the guts to own up to it.

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The next night at the club… I was just at a loss for words. Judi’s behavior was so un-ladylike. It just goes to show you what kind of person she really is. Why would anyone want negative attention? I think it’s just desperate. And gross. I was so happy when she was finally kicked out! Thank God. I didn’t want to associate myself with a girl like her. She was embarrassing all of us.

Judi is a psycho. She’s rude, violent, and destructive. She was literally wrecking this beautiful house we got to live in. Her behavior just made no sense. That’s why we all started throwing her stuff out – we just wanted her away from us.

I tried talking to Judi with Shelly and Priscilla, but our attempt was unsuccessful to say the least. We thought that if we could just sit her down and understand where she was coming from, we could knock some sense into her. It didn’t work. She’s impossible to talk to; she just runs away conversing with her doll.

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