Tasha on BGC 706

Shelly and Judi’s fight was just typical. Just another day in the Bad Girls Club house! Drama and weave pulling. Smh!

My ideal guy is tall, dark, handsome, great smile, good personality, tattoos, DREADS, athletic build, successful, honest and a good sense of humor! I was attracted to Fontino because he had DREADS!!!! But you could put dreads on a trashcan and I'd like the dreads. LMAO! He was cute tho!

Honestly when Fontino came over to the house to hang out with Tiara, I didn't care. But let me set the record straight. You can’t steal a man when I sent him HOME after he tried to stay with me night one! Like did he think he won the lottery? He must be out of his mind. I have standards and he didn't meet them. I LOVE dreads yes, but you got to have more than dreads for me.

Broke college kids with dreads just doesn't do it for me. You can’t be mad at him for coming back over to get more camera time. He's smart. He never wanted Tiara anyways. He wanted his 10 seconds on TV! I was just trying to collect my 10% on the second night. If I’m hooking hoes up -- I want my money!!!!!!!!!!!! #SAVEAHOEFOUNDATION.

The only reason there was an altercation between Tiara and I was because she tried to get smart and put on when Fontino came over. Like b*tch sit down. I was in your face 30 minutes before he came and you didn't say anything!!! I hate fake hoes!

It was a crazy night. I think Judi was seeing everyone act fake at the club and spoke out about it. I know Shelly didn’t want to hear what Judi had to say so she just threw the drink. It got crazy. Everyone got in a fight and everyone was soaked and sticky from all the drinks!

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