Tiara: I'm a Bad Girl because...

I’m a Bad Girl because when I walk in the room, I OWN it. I know what I want and will stop at nothing to get it. I'm not afraid to do or say what others only dream about. I have the guts to actually do what I want to do. I am ALWAYS the life of the party and I am not afraid to put a b*tch in her place it she crosses the line. People may think I’m out of control, but the truth is that I have reasons for the things I do. You just have no idea what that reason is. :)

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I thought everybody was cool when I first met them, but I was a little tipsy when I first entered the house. You can expect to see me shock the world this season.

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When people look at me the see a pretty, petite girl that looks quite and innocent but I'm NOTHING like that. This season you will see me making b*tches laugh and cry. You’ll see me putting them in their place and so much more. Just watch the show. :) I LOVE to have a good time.

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