Angelic on BGC 704

When Shelly and Stasi started fighting at the restaurant, at first I was like Omg! Can we wait till we get home to start killing each other? Then I thought they were obviously both upset, and said what they said and did what they did in the heat of the moment. I cant really have an opinion, because if I was in that situation I might have reacted the same way.

The swamp tour was a new and extremely different experience for me. I was excited but at the same time, a little on edge because I don't like creatures getting too close to me! Overall, I had a blast and I would not have changed my experience at all!

I dont think Tiara overreacted about the way Judi was driving that night. I think she was completely entitled to the way she reacted.

Fans should vote for me in the Fan Favorite poll because Im fun & I love to have a good time! Why not vote for me! ;)

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