Angelic on BGC 710

Tiara and I had just made up, and everyone deserves to be treated special on their birthday regardless the situation. All in all I was looking forward to all the plans surrounding her day.After being around Cheyenne for the first week I started to notice things here and there that sat uneasy with me about her, but I still thought she was a cool girl.Cheyenne commented about going to too many ghetto black clubs. That was just point-blank social suicide! Like I dont know why she would say something like that. I did not like the comment she made. I think she needed to stop and think before she spoke. She needed a filter, seriously!Next! I see both sides and both of their points, but come on, Cheyenne and Nastasia arguing over a bed! Really? I mean a bed is a bed.I honestly have no idea why Nastasia started to be nice to Shelley. I figured she was over the drama. All was said and done, now lets have fun. I guess I was wrong and she had other motives.

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