Angie on BGC 711

I have never in my life experienced something like the voodoo museum before. To be honest I was out of my comfort zone, but I went along with it because I just wanted it to be over. It was a very interesting experience that I will never forget. I will tell you that much! I thought the trip to Barbados was amazing! I was drunk the entire time I was there and I had such a blast! I loved each moment while I was there; it was beautiful! The only thing I could of done without was the negativity and complaining. Yes I was so annoyed by Tashas complaining! Like we are on vacation! Stop complaining, be grateful and have fun! Save it seriously!I did agree with Stasi that Tasha should complain and brag somewhere else. Its like enough is enough complaining and bragging, but at the same time thats just how Tasha is. Its Tasha being Tasha, but it was very annoying and none of us needed to hear it over and over. We heard you the first time, no need to repeat yourself! I mean at that point I really didnt care if Stasi kicked Judi out of the house. I felt Judi was given a lot of chances and she kept messing up, but it didnt faze me if she stayed or if she left.
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