Cheyenne joins the BGC

Read Cheyenne's official Q&A.Say hello to the newest Bad Girl to join season 7, Cheyenne! We asked Cheyenne to answer a few questions about being inducted to the club.

OXYGEN: Finish this sentence -- Im a Bad Girl because
CHEYENNE: Im a Bad Girl because I know how to start a party.

OXYGEN: How did you feel when you found out you would be a replacement?
CHEYENNE: When I found out I was going to be the replacement, I was stoked n' ready for the craziness to begin.

OXYGEN: What were your first impressions of the other girls?
CHEYENNE: The first time I saw Tasha she got a drink to the face, so I was confused. As time marched on, I thought she was an annoying high-class broad -- quite opposite of myself. She steady complainin'. The first time I seen Nastasia she was real cool and seemed to be laid back, which is my type of b*tch. We both got swag so I was thinkin' me and this one could kick it. The first time I met Shelly she was kinda filling me in on all the crazy that happens in the house. She came off to me as someone I could easily talk to and SHES A LESBIAN which is dope because I have many gay friends and theyre all cool as hell. Within 10 minutes of being around Tiara I already knew b*tch was a crack up. Steady making me laugh. When I came across Angie I really liked her. She kinda has this baby voice and gets the "real cute" award. Seemed down to earth and liked to laugh a lot, which I absolutely love in a person. When I met Judi she told me she loved me about 20 times. So hell.... Guess I love you too! For now.

OXYGEN: Without giving away any spoilers, what can we expect to see from you this season?
CHEYENNE: I was there for the party and to have fun as much as possible....and thats what I do.

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