Christine on BGC 814: I always knew she had that fire in her.

I wasn’t nervous coming in to the reunion at all because I wasn't scared of the girls. They know what they did to me was wrong. I came to the reunion so that I could set the record straight. I wanted people to know that I truly was going through something in my life that I needed to be home for.

Knowing what I know now, after watching the show, I wished I had stayed. I would have done things differently if I could go back. I think I definitely would have become friends with the girls. Erica probably would have been my best friend. We’re both from the south and have the same type of mentality.

I wasn’t surprised that after I left Camilla ended on bad terms with the other girls. I always knew she had that fire in her and she sure as hell showed it! She is ruthless.

All in all, I feel like I got closure with most of the girls since going to the reunion. Some have reached out to me since and have showed me love, others not so much.

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