Dani on Bad Girls 802

Gia was cute and I hardly got to know her so I didn’t have any problem with her coming back.

At the time I would have rather had Gia stay in the house over Amy. Amy came into the house doing WAY too much, and let’s be serious she picked Larry up at the airport on her way to the house because no one would bring him knowing damn well one of us psychos would destroy him. I have a teddy bear called Hot Sauce and I didn’t think twice about NOT bringing him lol.

Once again, Amy was doing too much when she fought with Mimi, but Mimi did look weak as hell. If a b*tch pushed me on the first night I’d be throwing fists not slaps.

Mimi made a huge ordeal about her "safety" and wanting Amy to leave and then it’s like she did a 180 and was like "omgggg Amy wanna grab some shots and some drinks tonight?" Like b*tch are you kidding me? She just "sucka" pushed you! Aren't you from Miami and "no one sucka pushes anybody"? She looked weak and kinda fake and I definitely lost my respect for her.

Amy’s wedding was a white trash wedding to say the least. Who uses a hot dog as a bouquet of flowers? Gross! Isn’t it funny how Mimi was in charge of her wedding? Guess you find a best friend when they sucka push you!

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