Dani on Bad Girls 803

When my dad told me to start more drama in the house, I laughed. He’s probably one of the coolest people on the face of the planet. At this point in the house, the girls slept a lot, everyone was cheery and happy, and I was like whaaaat pops our season is going to be BORING. He knew what time it was so he told me to get that drama going! hahaha and stay tuned folks cause that’s exactly what I did :)

Between me and Gabi, I would defiantly say that I am the bigger trouble maker. Most of the time Gabi’s involved in drama because she's continuously having my back, but hey, that's what sisters are for!

When Jenna brought the guys home, at first I thought Brad was decent looking until I looked down and saw that he was wearing dirty white 1980 air force sneakers and I just knew she was making a mistake LOL and I’m not joking. If a guy doesn’t have a good shoe game, then he must be a loser with everything else. When I look at a guy, I look at his hands, his face, and his feet first. If I was Jenna and I saw those brown, I mean white, sneakers I would have told him to do the cotton eye joe in the opposite direction!

I don’t think Jenna could have said anything to have prevented the fighting. Jenna was extremely disrespectful to all of us and it's not like I didn't get up three times to say, “Excuse me can you and Bob, Brett, [or whatever the hell his name was] keep it down a notch? We are all trying to sleep.” She continued to ignore our requests and then when confronted she started to attack me and everyone at that point had MY back so the chain of events that happened was pretty unstoppable!

Mimi was close to Jenna, that’s for sure and unfortunately claims she had to get close to Amy because of it. I don’t know whether it was Jenna that pushed Mimi away or the fact she might have felt like she wasn't making an independent choice taking our advice. Either way Mimi found herself in the middle consistently, which wasn't a good look.

Jenna came to Vegas to party and that’s exactly what she tried to do. Although it looks like all we did was stay in and talk shit, I was having a blast at this point just not with Jenna, Mimi, or Amy. Drama is fun to me so even if drama and tension played a big role, I still saw it as pure entertainment!

After Jenna left, the entire house got close. We were having family dinners, going out together, the drama came to a complete stop...we were waiting for the "perfect" replacement…

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