Dani on BGC 804

I don’t regret not going zip-lining.I have an unbelievable fear of heights and watching all five Final Destination movies doesn't help lol. I had enough fun watching the girls do it. No regrets!

I'm sure it was awkward for Jenna when she came to the photo shoot, trying to sit at a table with everyone who just finished talking sh*t about you and taking pictures while we all comment on how bad you’re doing. I am sure she didn't enjoy it. It wasn't awkward for me, it was more funny than anything. Jenna said it herself, “I'm not trying to get to know any of these girls,” so if she had been different, acted differently, approached me differently, I wouldn't have taken part of getting rid of her and ultimately out casting her at the photo shoot.

The entire photo shoot was a blast. It was a surreal experience having a large camera crew and staff making you beautiful and directing you. I've always wanted to be on camera so everything felt natural.

My initial reaction when meeting Tiara from Season 7 would have been better if she didn't try to make us look bad while she was doing her thing on stage. If I ever had to make an appearance on a future Bad Girls Club, I wouldn't start by stepping on everybody's toes. Other than that I didn't really speak to her too much nor did she make an effort to speak to me. At the end of the day, this is Season 8, wtf is Season 7 doing here? To stir up drama...

Tiara said her pool party was at a "mansion" with a bunch of rappers and ballers. When the limo pulled up, it looked like we were at someone’s cottage and they had a 4x4 swimming pool. There were no rappers or ballers, but old men that were thirsty. I felt like we should have come with a 20-pack of Gatorade. There was one dude that looked like he was 50-years-old with a gold grill. I thought to myself, “is Old Dirty B*stard back from the dead?” Needless to say, the party sucked and so did our new replacement so both of them got left behind.

After Jenna left, Amy put more of an effort into getting to know all of us and going out and having a good time. Jenna leaving actually brought all six of us closer for a SHORT period of time.

I was so against Elease when she first came into the house because she came in with the worst attitude for a replacement. I really think she was convinced she was part of the original cast and the original seven. Who walks into a house and says, "Is it hot in here or is just me?" She was a lame b*tch who clearly hit her head on the plane. I had to check this b*tch real quick to let her know who exactly she'd be dealing with.

I don’t regret not giving Elease more of a chance. To this day I will never regret anything that happened with Elease.

No one really deserves having their things thrown into a pool and I actually didn't throw anything of hers in the pool, I just threw her zip lock bag of eyelashes around the confessional and messed with her make-up. The other girls broke all her sh*t and threw all her clothes in the pool…then Gia decided she belonged in the pool with her stuff. That sh*t was funny.

I wasn’t surprised when Elease came back to the house. If I was a replacement and I was treated that way, I'd come back into the house just to piss everyone off and that's exactly what she did.

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