Dani on BGC 805

I told Gabi from Day One I didn't trust Erica so I knew it was only a matter of time till she flip- flopped.I was a bit surprised that Gia did because I was the closest to her. I would have had her back under any circumstances. This is when I really started to like Amy. Mimi barely has a mean bone in her body, she probably needed a friend.

Erica and Gabi just became so fake one minute. When they were with me and Gabi, they were talking about how bad they wanted Elease out and how they wanted a new replacement and they "were about that life," then I come home and see Erica rubbing Elease's back and Gia asking her to go out to eat. How are you going to beat up a girl one minute, plan to get rid of her, then ask her to go get a Caesar salad? They look dumb and at the end of the day Elease will have the last laugh... at them.

I didn’t end up fighting Elease that night because we were on the verge of being sent home for harassing her so much. Fighting Elease wouldn't have been worth the rest of my time in the BGC house. The question is why didn’t Elease fight me? She had her sneakers on and her hair tied back so if she wanted to handle me one on one she could have.

The reason Elease hasn’t been fighting back could be for the mere fact she is scared. It could be the fact that if she did react, the problems between us three would be ongoing day in and day out. It could be for the fact that she wasn’t sure who in the house would have her back or join in again. Regardless of whether or not she reacted any normal human being felt anger about what we did to her. She tried to do what would make her look good.

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