Dani on BGC 806

It was my idea to ruin Elease's bed.

She can get a bed when I say she can get a bed! And it wasn't that day! I thought it would start a fight between us and Erica, not Elease, but none of those girls did sh*t.

When Gia drinks, her self-respect and her clothes go out the window. Not a good look. If I was Matt I would have been out of the BGC house and out of Gia's life faster than the road runner.

When the other girls blamed Amy for letting Gia get drunk, I stuck up for her. Gia's a grown ass woman. She needs to learn how to hold her liquor! Amy likes to day drink and Gia was in the mood to do it that day except Gia drank for two people instead of one. It was Gia’s fault, NOT Amy's!

Amy started to grow on me by this point. Besides all the drama, we all did come to Vegas to have fun and Amy was all about having a good time! We had a great time riding the bull! Ride ‘em Cowboy! lol... I didn’t stay on long but let me tell ya riding a bull is nothing like riding a.... hehe

I’m not shocked I didn’t win the swimsuit competition. I mean at the end of the day my face is prettier than Elease's but her body is a bit curvier than mine. So I'm not shocked I didn't win but at least I beat out Amy and Gia and I wasn't in last place lmao! Go SpongeBob Twin #1!

I was so drunk at the MMA fight and on the hunt for a hot fighter I didn't even notice Elease go into the ring!

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