Dani on BGC 808: The whole house thought they were going to fight us.

The White Party was just a party for the 40 and older desperate set. I’m 23 years old and ready to mingle and party with hot people MY age.

I thought this must have been a joke someone was playing on us. I came and was ready to walk back out! It was a waste of my time.

No matter what people think I wasn’t worried when I heard Elease’s sister Shneail was coming. I knew that her and her sister might try to come at Gabi and me. The whole house thought they were going to fight us. If Elease was my sister and two girls had been ganging up on her, I’d be out for blood, and if I were Elease I’d have Gabi come to the house guns blazing!

When Shneail first came to the house I thought it might have really been her aunt because she looked like she was 35 years old. But by the time she left I thought she was really cool and nice. I wish she had been the replacement, not Elease ha!

When Erica called the house meeting to clear the air about Shneail coming, I thought it was really stupid. She always wants to be the center of attention with all the drama and all the bullsh*t yet she never owned up to anything. No one was paying attention to her that day so she decided to call a house meeting to be relevant. She’s a joke.

Rappers and guys like Pleasure P aren’t my type so I didn’t really care whether or not Elease went out on a date with him. But I did think it was sweet of him to bring us back candy. He was a cool guy.

I was so pissed when Gabi didn’t get her tattoo with me. She punked me! She’s a baby when it comes to stuff like tattoos so I kind of knew deep down inside she was going to bail on me. She promised she’d get it done later but NOPE she still hasn’t gotten it done.

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