Demitra on Bad Girls 803

I do kind of wish I was there when Jenna was fighting with the other girls.I hadn't the slightest idea they were plotting on her! I definitely would've tried to diffuse the situation. First of all I think the whole beef with them was stupid as f*ck! The only person who legitimately had reason to be mad at her was Gia due to their prior altercation. Erica was just annoyed by her, but I don't think it was that serious and the twins were being their usual follower-selves. Dani used to ask Jenna to braid her hair, now you're trying to fight her all of a sudden? Oooooh kayy.

What I miss most about Jenna is that she was hella fun and funny! She and I shared a rare humor and I loved that. I missed her simply because I came into the house with her first and the loyalty factor was evident. Plus she left me with crazy a$$ Amy to hang with alone! What the hell dude?!

I was surprised that I ended up fighting with Jenna because we got along so well, but she had a crazy streak that I couldn't take. Real friendships thrive on honesty so if I was at all disappointed in her, it had to be known. It definitely made me look at Jenna differently. Our resolution in the house was to have fun and avoid the other ones’ petty dumb a$$ drama and she fed right into it.

Honestly, I was pissed and very upset at Jenna for breaking the “golden rule” of putting guys before her roommates, but I think if had she stayed eventually an apology would’ve been acceptable. As long as she didn't go all f*ckin psycho again!!

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