Demitra on BGC 804

Once Jenna left, I think the six of us became a little bit more in sync.

If Jenna had stayed, the house would've definitely maintained its division. She was the one in the center of the drama. Personally I didn't think she needed to go, but I wasn't torn up over it either. I just wish I had gotten to know her more before she had gotten all crazy.

Zip-lining was hella fun! I'm down to do it again anytime!

I didn't see Tiara from Season 7 as a threat per se. I mean I really didn't understand WHY she was popping up during our time, but I was going with the flow. When I first saw her on stage, I was the one to go embrace her so clearly I wasn't the one with the problem.

The photo shoot was fun! I had a blast doing it. It was very awkward between Jenna and me. Both of us had animosity towards each other still because I guess we both felt betrayed. I wasn't worried about what the other girls thought, simply because I am an adult so if I felt like being nice to her that's what I was going to do.

Everyone assumed they wouldn’t like Elease before she arrived because that picture just screamed arrogance! Looking back on it, assuming she would be a b*tch was very silly, but you know how this replacement sh*t works...they usually come in thinking they have something to prove so I think that was part of it as well.

I do not think that Elease deserved having her things being pushed into the pool, but this is BGC and you never know what's going to go down. I wasn't expecting everything that went on to go that far. All the behavior that night was appalling.

If I could change anything about the way I reacted and approached the Elease situation, I definitely think I would have given her more of a chance initially. That situation is truly an instance that I am ashamed of. It was a weak and disgusting move on my part. I should've done better.

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