Demitra on BGC 806

It didn't shock me that the twins destroyed Elease’s mattress.

I knew they were up to something, I just didn't know what.

The bikini contest looked like fun but from a distance. I wasn't about to enter it because I barely want to see myself in a bikini LOL!! I left that to the sex kittens of the house.

I was beyond shocked when this Gia and Matt situation went down. I had never seen anyone that belligerently drunk before! I wasn't that surprised that it got physical though simply because we all know that when G gets wasted she gets 10 times more feisty! Matt should give G a second chance. She knows she made a mistake and she can be sweet in her right state of mind.

I didn't blame Amy for Gia getting drunk, however I do think since she was the more sober one, she should've exhibited better decision making skills. Gia was making a complete and utter ass of herself and clearly needed to be cut off. Taking another shot with her wasn't the solution.

I definitely think they went through Amy's stuff when her panties were thrown. Gia and Erica used to like to mess with people then deny what they did. It didn’t surprise me that they would mess with Amy too.

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