Demitra on BGC 807: Personally, I was trying to have a good time.

I might go streaking again! Who knows!? You only live once.

When I found out about Lake Havasu, I was excited to be getting out of Vegas for a little bit so I welcomed Lake Havasu with open arms. I was not feeling being in that close of quarters with six other girls, ESPECIALLY not with the majority of the people I was staying with. That’s why I gladly volunteered to sleep on the pullout bed. I'd rather have a bad back than wake up to these h*es in my face.

I loved being on the boat because it was relaxing! If only I had gone with people I liked. Even though I always have fun partying with Amy and Elease. I have fun with Gia too, but only when she is away from the other three. Tubing was dope as sh*t! Except for wetting my hair...those weave tracks were due to slip out at anytime man lol!

I did not think those guys at the club were “scavengers” looking for attention like Erica said. Personally, I was trying to have a good time. I wanted to talk to people outside of what I’m used to seeing every day. Why not just relax and have a good time? Erica and the rest were too busy watching what I was doing as opposed to figuring out how they could have fun themselves.

I definitely wasn't surprised that the twins spent their time in their room while on the boat. Number one: they follow Erica's plan of action no matter what. Number two: they aren't adventurous in the least. Number three: they weren't really feeling Lake Havasu at all and kept complaining. At least with them on the boat, I didn't have to hear it!

The division in the house was hella stupid. Having things in common with people is all awesome and dandy, but I honestly believe that when you clique up like that you're doing yourself a disservice. Elease and I started talking and finding out we knew a lot of the same people and stuff and I just got a good feeling about her.

I was pissed when I found out these stupid broads broke my necklace. I loved that necklace. Really it wasn’t a big deal that it was broken, I could replace it. I was just pissed that they were touching my stuff. I NEVER destroyed anyone's property as long as I lived there so it was a slap in the face. I just knew it was one of those four (Erica, the twins or Gia) who broke it. They are the only ones who touch people's sh*t, mostly the twins though because clearly they are the most juvenile.

I was pissed that the girls left because we were in a strange place. Every b*tch knows that if you come with people you leave with the same people. NO EXCEPTIONS. I just hated the four of them together. They were stupid and annoying as all hell.

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