Demitra on BGC 808: I felt like I was living with 12 year olds sometimes!

Las Vegas is just not the place to look for love! People are there to have fun and when you do find a decent guy, they're tourists! Pisses me off! LOL

The white party was....DIFFERENT. It just really wasn't my vibe at all. Champagne was tight though! However, the pool party that Elease threw was fun! My friends were in town and the rest of the girls were behaving, so it was good vibes all around. It was pretty cool to have Flo and Pleasure P at the house. They're very humble and sweet guys, plus the more Miami peeps in the building, the better! 

Initially, I did think Elease brought her sister out to the house so that they could beat the twins’ asses. It was only right, I mean they had each other to pick on Elease, so why not even the score? Shneail ended up being pretty nice. At first, I found her a bit standoffish, but I realized that she was definitely on the defense because duh, we jumped her sister! Either way she is a great girl.

When Erica called the house meeting, I was very weary of the situation. She said she wanted Elease to explain that she was joking when she said she was going to fight Gabi and Dani.  I didn’t know what her intentions were. You never knew what that one had up her sleeve because in the house she was so inconsistent, and she went back and forth with people.

Gia and Amy definitely pissed me off when they opened my curtain while I was sleeping. Even if it was just a prank, I didn’t find it funny. I didn't want them messing with me, my sleep or my stuff which includes my curtain. I felt like I was living with 12 year olds sometimes! Ugh!

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