Demitra on BGC 814: I am better than what I allowed myself to be.

Honestly Bad Girls Club was the LAST thing on my mind before coming back for the reunion. I can say that I was eager for that feeling of relief afterward and to know that it was over. I was looking forward to seeing the ladies I left on good terms with, basically everyone who was left standing in the end. My feelings for the other ones are irrelevant. Camilla is no one to me so I didn’t care to see her or the twins. I have no idea why Camilla was so mad at Elease. It was hella weird considering the WHOLE house was unified against her.

When I found out about the syrup that the twins brought, I was just like, Really? You're going to throw syrup on someone? How DUMB!! But then again those two aren't known for their smarts or their maturity. Also, I thought it was a real cowardly move for Camilla to attack Elease like that while everyone was distracted. Then again, I didn't put it past Camilla because she's dirty like that.

The audience was mad at us boy! I can't blame them because we did a lot of offensive and disgusting things on the show, however this wasn't Jerry Springer. We had enough issues amongst ourselves without them being involved, especially putting their hands on some of the girls.

I wasn't concerned with any big issue coming to the reunion. I feel like the proper things were addressed and I was just glad that I had a platform to address how things were portrayed. I don't regret anything I did on Bad Girls Club. All I did was what I wanted to do, which was what I was telling people was going to happen regardless. (Okay, maybe I regret kissing Suspenders lol).

I've changed a lot from this experience. What I'm modifying in my life right now is my own business, but I will say that I'm trying to move as far away from what was shown on TV as possible. I am way better than what I allowed myself to be reduced to by the Bad Girls Club.

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