Elease on BGC 805

I’m happy I decided not to go home.

If I did that then they would've thought they won and I was not gonna let them win that game!

When I first saw the salad dressing I wasn't surprised. I saw that coming. I knew these b*tches were disgusting but I didn't know they were that disgusting. Good thing there was nothing I really wanted in that suitcase. At this point everyone in the house was starting to realize that no matter what you do to me I’m always gonna have a smile on my face. I think it started to bore them that I was not reacting. Except for Gabi and Dani, I think the other girls in the house were starting to warm up to me. They got tired of the drama and realized that I’m a nice person.

After the fight at the restaurant, I wasn't the surprised the twins didn't fight me at the house because the only thing they are good for is talking crap. I just thought I would be ready for action either way.

Aside from the drama, indoor skydiving was very exciting. I would do it again because it's something you don't do every day and it’s a rush.

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