Elease on BGC 814: This has made me stronger than ever.

Coming back for the reunion, I was definitely apprehensive and wasn't sure what was going to happen. There wasn't anyone in particular that I was looking forward to seeing or not seeing. I wasn't friends with any of the girls, we just left as associates.

I wanted to clear the air about me being involved in the Christine attack because I not only let myself down, but a lot of my fans down as well. The only thing I regretted on the show was being involved in the Christine attack. It happened to me and I was a hypocrite to do it to someone else.

Seeing Camilla again, it was the same as the last time I saw her. I knew it would be drama filled, but I didn't know it was going to be focused entirely on me. I think she was angrier with me than anyone else because she wanted to be my friend and I didn't want to be her friend. I felt like she was trying to fit in too much instead of being herself and I distanced myself from her.

The audience was extra rowdy. When Gia was getting attacked, Camilla took it as an opportunity to catch me off guard. That act alone left me no time to defend myself. It was such a weak move. She only did that because she knew that was the only way to get a clear hit in.

It was annoying seeing the twins again. I just wished I had gone at them on sight. I suspected the twins had syrup in their cup just by the way Gabi was holding it. It looked like it was going to be messy.

I have changed after having this experience because this has made me stronger than ever before.


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