Erica on Bad Girls 803

By Erica BGC8

There wasn’t really anything that Jenna could have said in order for her to stay in that house. The majority of us didn’t like her, so once she left the house, everyone was fine. I was looking for any and every reason so that she could leave the house because her voice and her heavy feet at night were annoying.

The guys that Jenna brought back to the house were nothing but a bunch of "Broke Back Mountain" dudes. They were loud, annoying and they were acting so "EXTRA" just because they knew they were going to be on TV. And to top it all off, the guy didn’t even pay for Jenna's cab ride back to our mansion…Jenna had to come out of her own pocket to pay for these guys to come to our house, that’s a shame. What kind of guy can’t pay for his girl's cab ride back to her house?

I didn’t really care that Jenna wrote on my picture, it just made me laugh because it proved to me how much I got under her skin. If I can get on someone’s nerves that bad that they'll resort to writing on my picture, it just shows how much power I have over their emotions and feelings. I’m definitely the most confrontational girl in the house because people are going to either hate me or join me. Either way, it is always about or involving me.

I don’t regret how I acted towards Jenna at all because she really isn’t anything to me. The girl is a non-factor.

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